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Pont dans les bois


Cons. préparation avant départ
Consultation immigration
Consultation logement

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Support téléphonique d'urgence


au lieu de 510 €



Cons. préparation avant départ
Consultation logement
Deux prestations dans la liste à la carte
* Consultation en immigration supp. de 50€

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Support téléphonique d'urgence

Accès réseau Professionnels

Guide les bon plans d'Éli


au lieu de 585 €

rivière Boathouse


Cons. préparation avant départ
Consultation: relocalisation
Logistique déménagement
Recherche logement
Assistance démarches administratives
Ass. et inscription écoles et garderies
Consultation vie au quotidien
Différences culturelles
Système de santé

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Support téléphonique d'urgence

Accès réseau Professionnels

Guide les bon plans d'Éli


au lieu de 2095€

*KWEI: Welcome in Attikamek 

WITCITAW: helping forward

WIKIWAM: Birch Tree House


Pre-departure orientation and preparation consultation

Virtual meeting for  identify your needs, orient your project and establish the action plan to be undertaken. 

125 €

Immigration counseling

Legal advice with a lawyer to choose the best strategy

immigration and help you with your formalities 

175 €

Full relocation support

Advice and personalized assistance for all aspects of your relocation to Quebec.

*Only with the Wikiwam package


Logistics consultation of the move

formalities, transport, storage, customs, animals... recommendation of movers


Housing consultation

Meeting to identify your needs and explain the market to you. Search for the property and procedures related to the acquisition or rental.


Resume Upgrade

Assessment of your career path and advice for writing a North American CV to optimize your job search in Quebec 


Assistance with administrative procedures 

Assistance with administrative registrations: RAMQ, NAS, driver's license, bank, telephone, electricity, etc.

Wikiwam package

Quebec school system consultation

Understand the school system, and choose the best school. 

125 €

School and daycare search and registration assistance

Meeting in two stages to explain the school system and assist you with school registrations

Wikiwam package

Daily life assistance  

Practical advice on cultural differences, the health system, insurance and finance

Wikiwam package

Back to school 

Are you planning to go back to school or take a training course? We can advise you on the best options

125 €

Health system consultation, complementary insurance 

Do you need additional insurance or want more information on health coverage? 

115 €

Phone support 

Do you have a problem or need advice? We are always listening and ready to help you.


**Quarantine package 

  • Virtual Pre-Arrival Consultation

  • Preparation and sending of the quarantine plan to new arrivals

  • Provision of a grocery basket for a single person or a couple for the first two days of quarantine*

  • Coordination and delivery of the welcome basket to the home before arrival.

385 €
Mise à niveau CV

Services are rendered by QET and our partners. 

Together, they form a team whose skill and seriousness are unmatched.

Not sure which package or service is best suited to your situation? 

Or would you like to discuss before making your choice?


10% discount to customers of Quebec on tour

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