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Personalized Recruitment
Yes, finally!

Customized International Recruitment

Are you struggling to fill your vacant positions locally? International recruitment is the solution.

Before you take the plunge, we'll assess your challenges and work with you to define a strategy adapted to your specific needs. We understand that every company is different, so we tailor our services to best assist you.

Over the past 5 years, companies participating in QET missions have hired candidates from a wide range of sectors: IT, optics, construction trades, electronics, automotive, wine industry, and more.

Different Missions

"This global approach, which is essential to the success of any expatriation project, sets us apart from other job forums".

QET favors in-person missions. We offer employers and candidates a warm, human-centered approach that encourages candidates to get involved.

Participating companies and recruiters are not in competition with each other. During these missions, international mobility experts are on hand, offering lectures on immigration topics and meeting candidates in person. This reassures candidates who may initially be hesitant to take the leap.

With QET, your candidates have access to all the information they need to prepare their successful relocation to Quebec.

A Dedicated Team

Our team is available at every stage of the hiring process, helping you through the administrative steps involved in onboarding your employee. From job posting to your annual Christmas party, you and your candidate can count on Québec en tournée.

Services offered pre-mission:

  • Assistance in preparing job posting

  • Posting and promoting job posting

  • Targeted sourcing

  • Pre-selection of candidates

  • Invitation to job interviews

Services offered during mission:

  • The QET team handles all event logistics.

  • A program of conferences on all immigration topics, such as visas and work permits, housing, banking services, school system, healthcare, insurance, bureaucracy, daily life and integration, etc.

A basic relocation coaching package is offered to every hired candidate. Our actions are driven by our passion for efficiency.

International Recruitment in 5 Steps



With a targeted digital campaign, our partnerships and agreements, we source your talent.



We help you get to know each other and empower candidates to want to leave everything behind to come and work for you.



Our immigration lawyer ensures that the immigration process runs smoothly.



We organize conferences and meetings with experts to assuage any concerns.



We help your new employee settle in and integrate smoothly.

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