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Comment trouver un emploi au Québec
Bien se loger pour être bien chez soi
Brunel Immigration
Tout sur les visas et démarches d'immigration
Banque Nationale du Canada
Les bases du système bancaire
Reloc Québec
Réussir votre projet d'immigration au Québec
Bien se loger pour être bien chez soi
Assurance santé : partir couvert et serein
Banque Nationale du Canada
Les bases du système bancaire
GLBC inc
Comment trouver un emploi au Québec
Reloc Québec
Période de questions: s'installer au Québec
Brunel Immigration
Période de questions: visa et immigration
Rosalie Brunel

Founder of Brunel Immigration, avocats, Rosalie has been a lawyer working exclusively in immigration law since 2006. She has considerable experience in the rapid resolution of contentious immigration cases and a broad understanding of the Canadian and Quebec immigration system.

All about visas and immigration procedures

Choosing the right immigration process to settle in Quebec can quickly become a headache.  This conference will review the different types of permits you could apply for to facilitate your settlement in Quebec.

Antoine Schaefer
HP & Associates

Arrived with his family in Montreal 5 years ago, Antoine has more than 20 years of experience in business development and finance between Paris and London. Passionate about sales and mastering the art of commercial relations, Antoine concretized his passion for real estate by becoming a broker certified by the OACIQ in Quebec. His multidisciplinary expertise makes him one of the best advisors on the Quebec market. 

Good accommodationto feel good at home

It's time to find accommodation,  let us help you find the right solution.You have already answered so many questions and made it through the steps. The path you take, we have taken. Real estate we know, buy, rent, invest, come meet us and together we will find your home.

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Karine Ouellet

Passionate about intercultural encounters, Karine has been working in international mobility for 10 years, and founded RELOC QUÉBEC in 2014, a company dedicated to supporting future and newcomers to Quebec. Graduated in education and management, she participates in many international projects and regularly travels around the world to discover new horizons.

  • Rémy Paris Desjardins

Tips for a successful immigration project in Quebec


Avoid the three major immigration traps! This conference will allow you to consider, step by step, the steps to take to be well prepared to live in Quebec. You will be able to prepare your installation smoothly and integrate more easily.

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The basics of the system

canadian banking


Understanding the local banking system is essential to managing your finances well from the first days and thus avoiding errors. This conference, given by an expert from the National Bank of Canada, will give you the opportunity to fully understand how the Canadian banking system works and will allow you to learn about all the important aspects to take into consideration. You will have concrete advice as well as tips for managing your finances well in your new country. 

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Sylvie Coulombe
National bank of Canada

Sylvie Coulombe has worked in the financial field for more than 25 years, including 10 in the banking sector. She specializes in partnership agreements with the main professional orders and organizations working with newcomers. His mandate regularly leads him to give lectures on the basics of the Canadian banking system to help participants better understand the system and better manage their finances.

Valerie Gelify
With more than 20 years of experience in the field of personal insurance in marketing and commercial functions, Valérie is International Mobility Market Manager within the Alptis Group, 2nd French wholesale broker in personal insurance. Her field of predilection is that of expatriation with support and advice to individuals and insurance intermediaries. Graduated in literature, human resources management and marketing.Luc Michaud, consulting economist and IT entrepreneur, has extensive business experience in both France and Quebec. He has crossed the Atlantic more than 200 times in 30 years for his work  and has advised numerous companies active on both sides of the Atlantic.

Health insurance:

leave covered and serene


You are moving to Quebec, this beautiful project involves major changes in your social health protection. I will present the differences between the French and Quebec health systems as well as the key needs  in order to guide you towards the best health insurance solution for you and your family. We advise French expatriates every day so that they leave with complete peace of mind.

Melissa the Italian
UniD HR Inc
A talent acquisition strategist and headhunter for 10 years, Mélissa L'Italien does staffing for companies in many sectors and has developed expertise in the fields of engineering, software and high technology. It places people, novelty and success at the heart of its strategies and values. Job search, resume writing, interview coaching, she is a partner and advisor of choice in your project to find a job and pursue a career in Quebec.
In 2016, she founded UniD RH Inc., which stands out for its innovative ideas and staffing strategies that align with corporate HR management objectives.

How to find a job in Quebec


How to find a job? Do I have enough experience and will it be recognized? Will I be able to continue to practice my profession? 


I will explain to you the reality of the job market, how to prepare an effective CV and above all how to network in North America.

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